I have over twenty years of leadership experience as an active-duty USCG officer from 1977 to 1999, followed by 20 years in business as a maritime license consultant.

USCG Headquarters

  • Elbow-to-elbow experience in Washington, D.C. with the highest level USCG and Department of Transportation executives and attorneys
  • Program manager for the maritime drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Branch chief for mariner license suspension and revocation proceedings
  • Authored commercial fishing vessel safety regulations

Mariner Licensing

  • Nationally recognized expert in the complex field of mariner licensing and vessel manning regulations
  • Established and supervised Regional Exam Centers (RECs)
  • Pioneered mail transactions system
  • Hands-on licensing experience includes:
    • Evaluator and examiner before RECs were established
    • Evaluator and examiner during the establishment of RECs in 1982
    • Senior Inspector of Personnel during the 46 CFR Part 10 rewrite in the late 1980s
    • Licensing experience during initial STCW and tankerman regulation changes

Marine Inspector

  • Supervised marine inspection department
  • Inspected hundreds of commercial vessels for safety and regulatory compliance, including lifesaving, firefighting, hull, machinery, and electrical systems

Marine Investigator

  • Supervised marine investigation departments
  • Investigated the cause of scores of marine casualties
  • Successfully prosecuted a dozen suspension and revocation cases against mariner licenses before Administrative Law Judges

Port Operations

  • Supervised port operations department
  • Coordinated oil spill cleanups, implemented port safety programs, and directed vessel movements

Deck Watch Officer

  • In charge of navigational watches on Medium Endurance Cutter
  • Boarding officer for drug smuggling operations, Fishery Conservation Management Act compliance, and law enforcement


  • B.S., Ocean Engineering, USCG Academy, 1977
  • Unlimited Second Mate Merchant Mariner License
  • Connecticut-registered Engineer in Training

I could not have gotten my 1600 GT Masters without your expertise.
— M.L., Texas